Advertising Campaigns

Get clients immediately with Search Ads (PPC)

Utilizing Pay-Per-Click Advertising, commonly known as PPC, ensures immediate visibility on Google for your most desired search terms. A good PPC campaign also pulls customers straight to the door of your restaurant.

 We’ve worked with restaurants across the world to create successful advertising campaigns with a strong ROI in a variety of niches. We’re pretty great at what we do—take a gander.

Appear where people are looking for you and drive real, trackable revenue. We will ensure you maximise your Return On Ad Spend and don’t waste a penny.

Focusing on Results That Matter

Custom strategies

Your restaurant and geographic location are unique. While digital advertising does have best practices that show proven results, our aim is always to create a customised strategy to fit your business.

Leads: Quality + Quantity

We work closely with our clients to identify what qualifies as a “lead,” then carefully execute a strategy to identify the best quality leads before scaling the advertising account.

More leads at a lower cost

Along with our focus on lead quality, we also work diligently to reduce the cost per lead and the resulting ROI for each client. Our plan to do this is multifaceted, and we’ll talk to you about setting goals and expectations for your market.

What does PPC process include?

Search Ads

Get instant visibility for your customers at the very moment they are ready to take action. Search ad campaigns aim to outperform the competition by increasing visibility for the most valuable keywords. Running ads is almost the only way to fill the restaurant after opening and fill “difficult” hours.

Social media Ads

Your customers are actively using Facebook and Instagram, and it’s likely they don’t even know if they want to eat your food. Inspire them, create demand, and boost your brand’s awareness with social media ads. We’ll work with you to find your ideal client profile before scaling the campaign.


Show ads to your website visitors after they leave, regardless of how they originally arrived at your website. Remarketing is a great way for restaurants to “warm up” leads who are not yet ready to visit their restaurant.

Local Service Ads

Pay only for viable leads and receive refund credits on unqualified calls. This new Google advertising channel is a completely different platform than PPC/Google Ads.At Nifty, we were one of the first to adopt Local Services Ads (LSAs) for our clients, and the results have been phenomenal. Because Google vets each advertiser before they join the platform and earn the “Google Screened” badge, firms using this channel are immediately viewed as more trustworthy.

Landing Page Creation

When customers click on an advertisement, they expect to see a web page that is highly relevant to their interests and needs. Google anticipates this as well, and congratulates advertisers on their lower cost per click. By building custom landing pages, we kill two birds with one stone: Increase conversions and decrease the cost per click.

Digital Marketing Case Studies

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