Maximize Your Return on Digital Channels with Advanced Marketing Strategies for Restaurants

Your business brings profit. All the digital marketing channels such as the website, social media, advertising, and Google Business profile are in place. Now is the time to focus on growing the revenue by maximizing your digital marketing channels

During the digital marketing campaign for growing restaurants, Mintto experts will address key questions, such as calculating marketing ROI, reducing CPA (cost per acquisition), increasing organic traffic, filling the restaurant during slow hours, building customer relationships, identifying where customers are lost during the sales process, and automating processes.

What Marketing for New restaurants Include

Branding & Presence Online

We’ll analyze marketing performance and calculate ROI with proper analytics tools. We’ll identify strengths and areas for improvement, examine strategic aspects, and use the information to make informed decisions for business growth.

Paid Traffic

If you are not new in the business, you probably know that running ads can feel like throwing money out of a helicopter. We ensure that we accurately measure all the resources invested to identify the most profitable channels and guarantee your profitability and a steady flow of customers.

Organic Traffic

What’s your ratio of organic traffic to paid traffic? Ideally, ads should be used for short-term, quick results, while organic channels (such as Google and Instagram) should be invested in from the start for long-term results. Our ultimate goal is to reduce your ad spending and drive sufficient client acquisition through organic means.

Customer Loyalty

You’ve found ways to attract new visitors through digital channels, but what about existing customers who already love your product? If you don’t focus on repeat visits, referrals, reviews, and user-generated content, you’re losing profit and overspending on marketing. Minnto offers a solid digital marketing solution that nurtures customer relationships using Community-Based Marketing (CBM) and email marketing tools.


Modern technologies give restaurants a variety of tools to manage and automate important processes, add more services, and track marketing efforts. If you are facing one of the following issues, then Marketing for Growing Restaurants is for you.

  • You are paying for each reservation on your own website.
  • You manually contact customers or don’t contact them at all.
  • You deliver food but still use Glovo or Wolt.
  • You don’t know what your ROI in marketing is.
  • You don’t have a mobile-friendly digital menu with photos.

Marketing Budget for Growing Restaurants

Growing a restaurant requires a significant amount of investment, both in terms of time and money. A proper marketing budget can help you reach your target audience, increase sales, and ultimately, grow your business. A recommended marketing budget for a growing restaurant could be approximately 7-12% of its total revenue.

This budget should be allocated for various marketing activities, such as online advertising, email marketing, social media management, and SEO with the stress on Organic channels.

At Mintto we constantly monitor and adjust the budget based on the results of your marketing efforts, to ensure maximum return on investment. With a well-planned marketing strategy and budget, you can take your restaurant to the next level.

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