Restaurant marketing revolves around exciting and engaging customers through digital channels

Great Restaurant marketing requires a deep understanding of the interconnection between technology, customer values, and marketing. As a new restaurant, you can leverage proven strategies and avoid common mistakes. With 10+ years of hospitality experience, Mintto knows what it takes to lead a new restaurant to success.

The strategy for a new restaurant consists of three parts: building an attractive brand that resonates with the target audience, setting up the necessary technology, and appealing to and nurturing relationships with first-time diners.

What Marketing for New restaurants Include

Branding & Presence Online

This stage involves all the steps to create your online presence from scratch: branding, graphic design, photography, social media, and web development. At the end, you’ll have an SEO-optimized website and Google business profile, content-rich social media, and a presence on the main platforms where customers search for restaurants online.


At this step, we will integrate the in-house processes of your restaurant with digital marketing tools. By implementing CRM and analytics tools, we can assess the in-restaurant experience, enable online bookings, collect customer data, automate and track marketing efforts. This will help us make better marketing decisions and achieve results with less time and money spent.

Digital Marketing

The comprehensive digital marketing strategy for new restaurants begins by attracting initial customers through efficient digital marketing tools such as advertising and gradually transitioning from paid traffic to organic traffic from social media and Google Maps.

The marketing process includes advertising campaigns on Google and meta, posts and storytelling on Instagram and TikTok, and advanced local SEO strategies. We’ll focus on enhancing customer relationships by increasing user-generated content and reviews and implementing loyalty programs through email marketing tools.

Marketing Budget for New Restaurants

The budget for marketing for a new restaurant can vary greatly depending on the size and type of restaurant, the target audience, and the marketing goals. For a small independent restaurant, a budget of €2000 to €‎3000 per month is a good starting point, while larger chain restaurants may require significantly more.

We understand the challenge of New Restaurants in marketing investments while generating no revenues, that’s why at the beginning of the Marketing campaign we focus on quick marketing tools, such as advertising and optimizing conversions. This helps to quickly generate revenue and reinvest in organic marketing channels.

Digital Marketing Services

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